In an Instant - Ricky
In an Instant - Ricky sad stories

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He said he did.

In an Instant - Ricky

"Get out and don't come back!" Ricky screamed, pointing his finger to the door. Tony sighed."If that's what you wish my love."

With that, he closed the door behind him, got in his car and left.

Ricky, who now felt alone, banged on the door with anger and frustration. He turned around and slid down the door onto his bottom. "Why does he do those things, he knows they bother me."

He smacked the floor with his hand. "And the way he just makes that goofy smile." He felt a smile trying to pry it's way onto his mouth but he forced a frown.

He got up and made his way to the kitchen for some ice cream.

Fifteen minutes into devouring half of the tub, he started to stare at his hand, specifically his ring.

He rolled his eyes and gave a smirk. "I mean I love the dope, but sometimes..." He shrugged and still felt a little petty so he sent a quick text.

'Buy more ice cream.'


Another thirty minutes passed and he started to feel bad. "I did explode over nothing." He made his way to the window and just stared out at the empty driveway.

He looked down at his phone, and felt concerned. "Its been a while." He thought.

"Tony if you crashed I swear to god I'll kill you."

He picked up his cell to phone him.

Just as he did he got an incoming call, from Tony.

"Tony I'm so sorry, come home baby I love you so much."

"Hello Ricky?"

A female voice interrupted.

"Yes, who's this?"

"I'm officer Sheila Morgan, are you sitting down? There's been an accident."

*** Hey there and thanks for reading! I have always loved writing, so if you have any advice, criticism or just like reading my work, I always like the input! I just love the daily words. Wrote this one sitting on the GO Train.

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