Holding on to Lust
Holding on to Lust pain stories

jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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Love and Lust, a dangerous mix.

Holding on to Lust

Holding on to the idea of Love The idea of finding the one The one for life

Its a beautiful thought to think A thought so magnificent A beautiful life

Then Love turns around quickly Turns and sees something Love meets Lust

Love shakes the hand of Lust Lust smiles and hugs Love Love likes Lust

Lust takes a hold of Love Takes Love for a ride Lusts in control

Loves blindly happy with Lust Lust laughs and strikes Love is trapped

Love is tied up and confused Confused by Lusts ways Love can't find itself

Lust shuts the door on Love Love is left in the dark Love is lost

Lust takes control of your mind Your mind doesnt want Love Love is irrelevant

Most can't contain their Lust Lust always contains them Lust wins again

Hold on to your Love if you can Because if Love is off leash Love turns to Lust

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