Guilts Unforgivable Grip

         Guilts Unforgivable Grip sad stories

jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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The monster that will eat and eat, even when there's nothing present.

Guilts Unforgivable Grip

He lived a life full of love. Loved his mother, father, siblings, aunts and uncles.

Friends and cousins all the same. His life was always full of happiness until one day, everything changed.

The boy who loved everyone and everything, the same boy who couldn't and wouldn't let anything get to him, did just that.

His eyes once full of light, switched off in an instant.

He fled his good thoughts without the knowledge of ever leaving them behind.

A guilt built up in his brain that wasn't of his own doing. It didn't belong to him.

He tried to deflect, but the power of evil striked hard and eliminated the once good thoughts in his brain.

He lived through it thinking this was it. Maybe it was time to tune into a new channel, one life wasn't on.

But one day he had enough. He didn't want to feel guilty about something that wasn't real.

Something that was nothing more than a horrific test of his own mental state.

So, he started not to care, to let his thoughts be just that.

Knowing that it would be a painful, but short unwelcomed visit.

Slowly after sniffing around and throwing all sorts of nonsense between his mental wiring, they started to get bored and hungry.

The thoughts started to slip through his ears, allowing his smile to grow back onto his face and the laugh he forgot he had roar like a lion.

He lived his life not caring about what anyone or anything might ever think of him.

After all, it's his life, and he knew that now.

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