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He can only take so much...


"But I, I dont know if I can go on without you." She put her arms around his neck.

"I need you Tristan!" He smiled at her and leaned in for a kiss.


The director screamed and moved from behind camera.

"You two were excellent, maybe too good."

He moved over to the side, and stared at a young man near them. "You, what are you doing!?"

"I..I was told to move here in two beats then to move near the bar afterword-"

Steam looked looked to be shooting out of his ears.

"Greg! Get your background together, I can't afford to lose anymore shots!"

An assistant director came running in and talked to the man.

"Listen, if you mess up then I mess up, you're supposed to cross five beats after camera action and THEN wait two beats after to head to the bar."

"Okay, I'm sorry. Thank you."

He was super nervous but understood.


The scene was about to start again, and his hands started to sweat.

"Camera mark!"

He was trying to calculate when to go where and when to leave, he was starting to lose track again.

"Background! Annnnd..."

He lost focus again.


He waited five beats and started to walk. Things were looking good so far, but he was having a lot of trouble walking.

Just as he finally got to his mark and waited his two beats, he took two steps and fell to the floor.


A now furious director pulled him off to the side and let him have it.

"I'm sorry sir, I-"

"You're what? You're probably the worst performer in history! Don't worry about that though, because you won't be on set for a long time because you're fired! Now get off my set!"

The man stood still for a while. Then suddenly, he started to laugh.

"You!" He said now pointing his finger in the directors face.

"Where do you get off treating me like vermon? I'm trying my best to give your movie what it needs, but when some big sweaty mammoth keeps eye balling me and pointing out all my flaws, it's hard to focus!"

He headed towards the door then turned back with a smirk.

"Dont worry about me dirt bag, I wouldn't work for you even if you begged. Like they say in the industry, that's a wrap."


"That was perfect!"

A director came up to the man.

"I really believed you were a nervous background actor, excellent job Ray!"

"Also, loved the way you snapped on this director here." He laughed patting the other actor on the back.

The director smiled, looked around the room and clapped his hands.

"Great job everyone, that's a wrap!"

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