Be Patient My Youth

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jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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Youth will vanish through time itself.

Be Patient My Youth

"Mommy, I wanna grow up and be like you!" "Be patient my love enjoy being six, "Go play outside with some leaves and sticks."

"Mommy, I wanna grow up so I can drive a car." "Be patient my dear you're only ten, Enjoy making pictures with paper and pens."

"Mom, I wanna be older so I can drink too." "Be patient my sweet you're only sixteen, Drive your new car to where you've never been."

"Mom, I want to be a little older so I can have my own house and family." "Be patient my girl you're only nineteen. Explore and find the things you haven't seen."

"Mom, I need life to slow down, I'm feeling overwhelmed." "Be patient my belle you're only twenty six, "There's nothing wrong or in need to fix."

"Mom, I'm pregnant and I dont know what to do." "Be patient my daughter you're only twenty nine, I'll be here and everything will be fine."

"Grandma, I wanna grow up and be like mommy!" "Be patient my love enjoy being six, Now go show mommy all your leaves and sticks."

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