Are You Listening?
Are You Listening? sad stories

jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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When being present isnt enough, what do you do?

Are You Listening?

I talk to you I purposely mention it in our daily topics I wear my emotions on my sleeve But are you listening?

I chat with you I squeeze in some dark things ever so subtle I tell it like it is Can you even listen?

I yell at you I openly relate to the harsh reality that surrounds us I couldn't lie even if I wanted to Is listening too much for you?

You talk to me You try to lend an ear Your hearts always in the right place But am I listening?

You chat with me You take your time to point out my issues You're there for me in the darkest of times Can I even listen?

You yell at me You cry trying to figure me out You can always tell when something's wrong Is listening too much for me?

We talk to each other We're getting more done We're doing a lot better than before But are we listening?

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