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Jacob's Ladder



Jacob sat on the floor of his room repetitively reading the metallic inscription.

“Jacob, macaroni and cheese!” Exclaimed Jacobs Mother.

“Alright!” said Jacob, as he hopped off the floor with only the kind of energy young boys have in their adolescence.

Bolting down the stairs, Jacob grabbed the corner of the wall and twisted around into the kitchen.

“Mother, do you ever wonder what the meaning of life is?”

“What do you mean?” Replied Jacob’s mother.

“Well, I was just wondering why we’re here on this earth, why we’re all living you know.”

While her hand was stirring the pot, Jacob’s Mother tilted her head back a little and let out a laugh.

“You seem very inquisitive tonight, but I think it’s best to not ask those kind of questions. No one has figured it out so far.”

“Well, said Jacob, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.”

Jacob’s Mother quietly put down her stirring spoon and turned around to face Jacob. Walking over to her young boy, she knelt down in front of him and poked him on the nose.

“Then you will get to the bottom of it. Anything you set your mind to you can achieve.”

After she was done speaking, Jacob’s Mother gently kissed his forehead and held his shoulder with her hand while she was on her knees.

“Then you mean I’ll also get to the bottom of my mark too?” said Jacob.

Jacob lifted the metallic inscription hanging from the leather strap around his neck.

Jacob’s Mother smiled and nodded, “Yes, even that.”

Slowly standing back up, Jacob’s mother went to finish preparing the Macaroni and cheese.

Suddenly, like the feeling one gets from the awkward sound of hearing glass break, or expensive china shatter on the ground, were the words Jacob spoke next,

“I’ll also get to the bottom of why Dad left!”

Jacob’s Mother suddenly stopped preparing the food as she stood next to the counter facing away from her 7 year old son.

A half smile painfully escaped her saddened face as a tear dripped down her cheek.

She was grateful for her boys true motive to understand their separation and why his Father left, but he was too young to hear about their divorce.

Now wasn’t the time to explain it, or to say that his Father didn’t love her or Jacob anymore. She quickly gathered herself together as she turned around and said, “time to eat!”

The single light hanging above the kitchen table flickered on and off as the sound of distant thunder roared in the background.

The rain mixed with gusting howling wind beat against the house in varying waves of intensity.

The home needed repairs, but Jacob’s Mother was in no position financially to fix it.

All the money she made went into paying the bills and putting food on the table for her and her 7 year old son.

Jacob’s Mother rested her elbows on the corner of the table as she stopped eating and slightly tilted her head to the side as she began to think.

Her fork still resting in her hand as she gazed at her 7 year old son.

“You know, I still remember it like it was yesterday - you were just - one year old.

I had taken you to the supermarket to get some food and - when I got back home you were holding that inscription..

I thought, you know babies can pick up stuff sometimes, you know maybe grab stuff off the shelves..

but you were never near any shelves, and there were no shelves that sold anything remotely like that, and every time I tried taking it away from you,

you just kept crying and crying until I gave it back.

Jacob looked down and gazed at the mark he held in his hand.

“I wanna say goodnight,” said Jacob’s Mother as she held the door cracked open to his bedroom.

“Goodnight mom."

“Things are gonna get better for us. You’re gonna have the most blessed life one day Jacob, I promise.”

Jacob smiled. His longing eyes gazed at his Mother. His ears clung to every word.

The next morning Jacob awoke with a hungry stomach.

“Mom!” Jacob shouted as he stretched raising his arms above his head.

“Can I have some breakfast!”


Jacob got out of bed and walked across the hallway to this mother’s room and opened the door only to find her bed neatly made.

Jacob than began to walk around the home searching for and calling his Mother.

“Mom, Mom!” Jacob shouted.

“Mother!” Jacob still didn’t receive a response....


Worry quickly turned into panic as Jacob began to cry bitterly for his Mother.

Running into the living room, Jacob spotted his Mother’s slippers next to their couch and ran over to them and knelt by them as his elbows rested on the sofa.

Folding his hands, Jacob began to pray and cry out bitterly before God.

“Dear God, please bring my Mother back, Please God, Please. I can’t live without her. She was all I had in the world God, Please!”

As Jacob prayed, he saw a small light in the crack of his sofa between the cushions.

Jacob immediately stopped crying, but tears were still on his face.

Puzzled by the light, Jacob lifted the seat cushion and to his utter amazement, through the hole it looked like a sky that dropped down into eternity.

Jacob looked over at his Mother’s slippers, then looked back at the hole in the couch.

Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, Jacob fell head first into the hole as he somersaulted downward.

Gaining enough courage to open his eyes, Jacob looked and realized he was falling through a sky! It was a beautiful blue sky for as far as the eye could see in every direction!

After a while Jacob noticed small white and black dots in the distance beneath him.

On approaching them, Jacob noticed the white dots were clouds and the black dots were cities built on huge floating islands in the sky as he fell past them.

After some time passed, the cities began to appear upside down as he fell. Jacob thought, “Or maybe the cities are right side up and I’m upside down.

” Jacob decided to tilt his body from falling feet first to falling head first. Once he turned around, now it seemed like he was in the right orientation relative to the cities around him.

Now it seemed as if he was flying upward into the sky rather than falling downward! He saw cities above his head as he flew higher.

As he got closer to the cities, he’d approach the bottom half of the floating islands, and fly upward above them.

When he looked down, he’d see the tops of buildings and skyscrapers below his feet as they got smaller and smaller.

Soon all the clouds and cities beneath him disappeared into the distance.

Eventually Jacob noticed his ascent upward began to slow down more and more until he stopped at the top of a great white floor expanse that was in front of him.

Floating in the sky, Jacob put out his foot and stepped onto the white marble-like floor. The floor stretched and stretched into the distance until fog blocked Jacobs vision.

Jacob looked and out of the fog he saw a gray dot. The gray dot got bigger and bigger until he noticed he saw a slightly aged man, not quite old but slightly aged.

The man was dressed in a gray robe down to his ankles, and had a long white beard and white wavy hair.

He was on ice skates, ice skating towards Jacob with a mop on the white marble floor as if he was ice skating and mopping the marble.

As the man approached closer, Jacob shouted, “Who are you!”

The man with the mop slowed down and stopped directly in front of Jacob.

“I am the mopper, but I also make mops, so you may call me the Mop Maker.”

“Who are you?” said the Mop Maker.

“I’m Jacob. I’m looking for my Mother. I woke up, and my Mother was gone, so I started praying to God, then I fell down this huge hole yo….

” The Mop Maker interrupted Jacob by suddenly talking over him.

“You fell down a hole?”

“Yes!” Jacob replied.

“That is odd,” said the Mop Maker. “You do realize you’re on the outer limits.. I never usually come out this far. You’re very blessed I found you.”

“Well, can you help me find my Mother?”

The Mop Maker gazed at Jacob for a little longer then was comfortable. “If you wish to find your mother, then you must go find her.

I have a job to do, so I can’t help you, but I can give you directions. Walk in any direction until you see the light, then walk sideways to the light until you see a door.

Enter the door and you may find some answers for what you seek.” The Mop Maker turned and skated off into the distance without saying goodbye.

Jacob started walking. “Walk in any direction until I see the light, then walk sideways to the light until I see a door.

Enter the door and I may find some answers for what I seek,” Jacob kept repeating to himself.

Jacob walked until he entered the fog he saw earlier in the distance. The fog was so intense, Jacob couldn’t see anything beyond his outstretched arm.

What seemed to be hours later, suddenly Jacob heard voices and footsteps through the fog and froze solid hoping he wouldn't be heard.

Two voices spoke in the near distance as they walked along together.

“Yeah, I AM asked if anyone would go entice the president to go into war,” said one voice.

The other voice responded,

“Why is that?”

“I didn’t hear it from the top, but our manager Raguel said that I AM knows if he goes into war, he’ll die in battle”

“Hmm,” responded the other voice, “I guess I AM wants him dead then.”

“Yeah, looks that way,” said the other voice.

The two voices soon faded into the distance as they walked away.

Jacob thought to himself, “who is I AM? Raguel… what kind of name is that?”

Jacob continued to walk until the fog dissipated and he saw a Light in the distance. It was as bright as the Sun and Jacob wasn’t able to look directly at it.

“Walk sideways to the light until I find a door.” Jacob repeated to himself.

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