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Is Christianity really monotheistic ? Or is it polytheism in disguise. Most religions throughout history have been polytheistic. Atheists of today like to mock religious people, label them as stupid using phrases like "i could believe in the flying spaghetti monster In the sky but it doesnt make it true..."


Is Christianity really monotheistic ? Or is it polytheism in disguise. Most religions throughout history have been polytheistic.

Atheists of today like to mock religious people, label them as stupid using phrases like "i could believe in the flying spaghetti monster In the sky but it doesnt make it true..."

At this point i would like to state that I'm not particularly a religious Man, I have no issue with admitting "I just don't know".

And how could anybody? We're a young species but like to think we know it all - when In actual fact - we havnt got a clue.

We have flawed senses, we live in limited dimensions, and we see only a fraction of the light spectrum; but we know it all, don't we?

Likewise with sound: we hear only a fraction of what's really there. But Dave on his 5th pint down the pub knows the earth Is flat, and if you think otherwise... ya mad!

Ffs We are on - in the grand scheme of things - flying through infinit space on a miniscule spec of dust amongst countless others, in a galaxy that's only 1 in over 300 billion others,

on a track to god knows where. We're pretty much blind deaf and dumb on a tiny space ship with no brakes; Oh!! ... and were all trying to kill each other... But we got this!!

It's comical really - we havnt got a clue but refuse to admit it. Anyway my point is, people shouldn't be so narrow minded. And hopefully I'm about to shed light on why.

So Christianity, judeism, Islam - I'm sure you'll all agree are monotheistic religions (one god), but are they really?

Or do they have much more in common with the pantheons of ancient past than we think?

I'm gonna use Christianity for my points here but it applies to all three really - since they're essentially all the same religion.

I mean, so alot of atheists have a problem with there being so many religions. And if 1 is wrong, then there all wrong. But what if they're not all so different.

What if - like languages - over thousands of years, the sound of the word changes but ultimately still means the same thing.

You could imagine that certain things might get lost in translation; wether it was deliberate or not.

The odd corrupt king changes something to suit his needs, or a crazy person perverts the scripture for his own gains. Tribes might move area for food, or due to War.

kings die, empires come and go for thousands of years and now we have a shit load of religions that on the surface - look like they have nothing in common with one another, but if you just look,

the veil will be lifted. If we take in the fact that the natural urge for humans is to be ignorant and fearful of what we don't know - it's not surprising it looks the way it does.

And you know... the memory of humans is hardly infallible. Most people would forget details of about something they looked at a fraction of a second ago..

People should dig a little deeper in the history of religion, they might be enlightened.

No matter where you go in the world black is black, grass is grass and a dog is a dog - once you decipher the language.

Do you know how many angels are are in the bible? Well there are 7 archangels, but scripture also refers to other angels in the hierarchy; of lower intellect "spheres of light"

The bible also refers to myriads and myriads.

myriad = a group of 10,000

Deuteronomy 33: 2 He said:"Jehovah--from Si'nai he came, And he shone upon them from Se'ir. He shone forth in glory from the mountainous region of Pa'ran, And with him were holy myriad"

Revelation 9: 16 "The number of the armies of cavalry was two myriads of myriads; I heard the number of them.

17 And this is how I saw the horses in the vision and those seated on them: They had fire-red and hyacinth-blue and sulfur-yellow breastplates,

and the heads of the horses were like the heads of lions, and fire and smoke and sulfur came out of their mouths".

And what are angels? Angels are divine beings. If the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians or Sumerians were to decipher our scripture, they would most likely have angels akin to God's .

And why wouldn't they? Angels have special powers - they have wings, and abilities that humans could only dream of. So we could really call Christianity a pantheon divine beings headed by a king.

We could talk about demons to.. fallen angels. The bible refers to literally millions of them. That's alot of divine beings. Ancient Egypt talk of only 2000 dieties or divine beings.

Greek and Roman pantheon talks of 12 gods, but with thousands of lesser gods. Which sounds very familiar to the bible's hierarchy.

I'm sure some people will say "but God is God and Angels are Angels" ... Well, yea.

But there all divine beings and it's not much of a leap to think something like that could get lost in translation. Especially when we look at all ancient pantheons had a king God, a main God.

In ancient Sumer this was Anu.

In Greece: Zeus... In Rome: Jupiter.... In Egypt: Amun and it goes on and on in every culture - same God, different name.

Which is to be expected when hundreds and thousands of years pass thru many generations of men, women and culture.

And the similarities don't end with just the king of God's (which in Christianity would obviously be God). Take the Archangel Michel - the leader of God's armies.

Couldn't he be akin at The God of War in Rome: "Mars".

Or the Archangel Gabriel; who appears with divine messages from God - could he bare a resemblance to "Hermes" in ancient Greece? "the messenger for the Gods".

In Rome i think he was called "Mercury"...

Ok so this post is getting a little long now - but i have so much more to say and point out, I've not even mentioned my favourite point yet.

But what I'm trying to get across is - starting with the Sumerian Gods. For each Sumerian God you will find an identical counterpart in almost all major religions right up untill present day.

And they are usually all associated with the same planet.

If you made it to the end, thanku. I hope it didn't bore you... I'm very passionate about the things I write - it keeps it all fresh in my mind when I make and share these posts.

Which is why i do it, and if others read it and enjoy it for whatever reason ... I'm very happy about that.

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