THE AMENDED INFERNO This is a little long but any and all feedback will be very appreciated

This is a little long but any and all feedback will be very appreciated  earth stories

jamesbrend addiction/anxiety/abuse/rejection and fw
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In the end - what is man? What has man but his thoughts?

THE AMENDED INFERNO This is a little long but any and all feedback will be very appreciated

In the end - what is man?

What has man but his thoughts?

I would postulate further, what is a man to stand for but his thoughts?

His actions, perhaps? I know - or rather "i see" precious little of actions. Only empty promises, meaningless words, and far fetched threats from the daft. So.... actions...

Lions, donkeys, hyenas.They all act. So is that what we are? Are we simply just another animal doomed to join the 99% of all other extinct species to have ever lived? Or are we what our ego so badly longs for us to be: different? Better?

Yes, but I say that with a sigh since its so close to "no". We are more, and we are less than the beasts. In my opinion we are no better or worse - but we should be, and have the potential to be so much more.

We lack the loyalty and compassion of the canines, but we have, and therefore we are - thoughts; deep thoughts I'm referring to here. Although I fear a regress in the intellect of man.

More and more each day - it seems - I meet people who only act on impulse and instinct; eat sleep sex desire. But we are (or should be) actions and the reflections upon those actions.

Yet we are also not merely reflections. We are not mirrors.

That is to preserve Spirits of the gods, I beg you to not let man made scripture perverse your mind or thoughts when I mention the word "God/s".

Scripture can be interesting - but for another subject, namely: "History". We, however, are actions and thoughts upon actions, neither one nor the other.

We are free neither from action, nor from thought. We are the most complex creature on earth who posses possibly the most complex and powerful object in the universe that gives rise to supioror intelligence; with the anatomy to use it to its full potential: The human Brain.

But have we acquired this unique and seemingly rare gift to early? Or is it best to be chucked in the deep end to teach ourselves to swim. 200 odd thousand years and counting in our current form and we still act like spoiled children squabbling over who has the biggest toy. But should we still??

I suppose we do not have much to compare ourselves to. Only fossilized remains of our ancient ancestors, and the artefacts that survived them. Wouldn't it be great to find evidence of a lost civilasation technologically more advanced than our own; complete with Rosetta stone. Or maybe we just dont give our known history of ancestors the credit they deserve.

Our humanity can only be understood if we embrace both the animal and the God within us. As humans, we must nourish both, yet western lands of - so called - "civilisation" are lands of action.

A place fixated not on ideas, not on the redemptive power of thought but in the obliteration of the intellect. Are we powerless to prevent such a tragedy?

Our mixed economy wears the mask of capitalism and socialism rolled into one, but behind operating in the shadows lays facism and a dictatorship that thrives of greed, segregation, vast prejudice and separation. Divide and conquer!!!

This is a place where in mankind has attempted to deny half of his being, and in pursuing freedom has attempted to split himself.

Much as a monk gives up the pleasures of the body, so are we encouraged to give up the pleasures of the mind. Led by desire to a pigpen awaiting our own slaughter. And it only gets progressively worse year upon year with the latest trend to dull the mind, and put out the spark.

Within this thought, maybe our study could best be conducted by travelling around the world and seeing how we, as people, as humans....

could best awaken both the evolved God - and the animal within.

I challenge you, as I have wandered into the Inferno. The grand human Inferno, the fiery and mediocre hell that we have labelled "city". Our center hub of "civilisation".

A world built by men for the torture of their Fellows, i challenge you to think of this the next time you enter the concrete jungle and observe your horrific surroundings. Yes the rush of life and blinding lights can dazzle you - but let yourself not be so one dimensional in thinking, see the vile in the rich, the humanity in the poor and vice versa, think deeper. Be human.

It's a place that shows, beyond all reasonable doubt, that when left to his own devices, when removing god entirely from his creation, man will induce not heaven, but hell. The gilded inferno.

The marbled purgatory. This churning sea of desire, the place where we see man for what he truly is, and recoil in horror. He is the destroyer of all. Of nature, of course.

And of his brothers... seemingly for sport - and finally of himself; i am no exception to this fact either, i assure you.

I am as guilty as the rest and have not been kind to myself; but maybe it's time for a change.

Men are fixated on Greed, and desire, and on the acquisition not of experiences or pleasures but the ability to acquire. People are fixated on wealth. Man is reduced to the desire for desire.

Wanting is all that matters. Not loving, not being, not having, but wanting. We are the killers for Desire.

This is the grand sickness. The Eternal sickness of this land and of ourselves, of our own minds - it is, man unleashed. Man unleashed and turned into...

What? You tell me? The gods we once believed in? Certainly seems as such judging by the ego of many.

It's a sad shame that in our society, and all at once, depraves the poor and dehumanises the rich concurrently.

And this, we are informed, is the high point of society.

The real beauty, real pleasure, and the true meaning of "God" can only be found not in desires, certainly not in scripture, but in the purity of the landscape on which we live, and to what gave us life. Mother Earth.

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