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One night can change jungkook life forever


Jeon-jungkook didn't have the best life as a child.His parent didn't love him as much as his older brother.Without love and affection this caused jungkook to go into depression.

During his stages of depression it's like all the colour drains out of the world. Everything was awful. He alternates between frantic crying and utter blankness.

jungkook was usually exhausted but can't sleep. He eventually stop washing, stop eating,and isolate from everybody.

On good days, he would get out of bed and attempt to carry on with his life, but never quite manage it.

On bad days, days are lost to just lying around, staring at walls, thinking horrible thoughts. He couldn't think properly.

All the thoughts in his head would be that he was useless and worthless and deserve to die,and would think that everybody would be better off if I'd never been born. he couldn't live.

He wanted to kill himself and wanted to stop existing.he was obsess over ways he could die. Everything usually feels completely hopeless and he can't see any way out.

Every day and night his dad would just beat him for no good reason he would go to bed crying.Before he would go to school,the images from the night before would pop up in his head.

Just the images would make him cry he can feel the pain all over his body once again.Jungkook's parents eventually die from a heart attack,he was forced to take care of himself.Alone.

Twenty years after,he is now twenty-two.Thankfully he is now living his best life.He has a well- paying job as a doctor and met the love of his life Lee Ji-eun two years ago.

Ever since he met Lee ji-eun his life changed she brought the sunlight back into his life and he is thankful for that.Lee ji-eun was everything he needed.

But everything changed that night

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