Broken Birds
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Love poem, for the button poetry competition

Broken Birds

BROKEN BIRDS By Jake Sperry @buttonpoetry

Window slightly ajar

Held elegantly by a mispurposed latch

Letting in just enough breeze

Insomnia holds my mind hostage

But I do not feel threatened

There is no struggle

My eyes wander around the dancing shadows

As the smooth silhouette grips be tighter

And i am filled with comfort

Though my brain is on fire,

Doused in anxiety and confusion,

My body is at peace

For the first time in a long time,

As if there was never a war upon my skin.

I happily drowned in the harmony

Of silence and foreign breaths

A moment that like hours of serenity

Perfectly summarised by the chirping,

At 4AM,

By broken Birds

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Insta - kirby_para


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