jakerockettJake. Alaska.
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An apology for loving you.


by jakerockett

I'm losing my touch.

I'm losing pieces, gifted into people who are too far gone to replace. I am made of rust, oxidising with the bitter, metallic moments of softness that burden me.

But I love them. It is a struggle.

I tread shattered mirrors as I attempt to keep them away but close. Lines blur, I make mistakes, I cause pain. Always. I love you but you are too fragile for me.

I leave cracks where my fingers cradled you

I blister your skin as I try to wipe away tears I brought about. I am sorry I left memories in your head that will carve away at your skull mercilessly.

I'm sorry I hurt you,

I'm sorry I love you

I'm sorry, I love you.

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