A Story: Masks, an introduction
A Story: Masks, an introduction religion stories

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Introduction to self-discovery, a story of pain and evolvement. A loss of faith. A plunge into doubt.

A Story: Masks, an introduction

The first was given

The mask to be used

Where all is forgiven

And religion infused

All was true

All was real

I was true-blue

I got the real deal

The mask labeled

All I should be

Made with agenda

Colored carefully

Oh, how joyous

Great and free

Communion with the One

This is who I'll be

But questions became

And thoughts came to mind

I tried to control

But eventually I ran out of time

The mask became brittle

The colors began to fade

As big beliefs dwindled

And doubt found it's place

Crippled by depression

Belittled by fear

Invigorated by anger

The mask began to disappear

But as the flames enveloped

The facade of identity

The wound of a scared boy

Became priority

The face was raw

Barely developed

No sense of being

Not much of anything at all

So I wondered

I pondered

I thought in vain

Till I found a new mask

Just to mask all the pain...

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