Telepathy will replace search engines, social networks and messaging apps. Here is why...

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You can try Forum (public bêta) on android here:
To know how Forum works, just watch this:

thanks for reading :-)

Telepathy will replace search engines, social networks and messaging apps. Here is why...

by jak_tran

1 - We need a better search engine to find information

Page Rank is no more relevant in a time where the Internet emancipates itself from the Web.

2 - An information can be described as someone's thought

Therefore searching for an information on the Internet is basically searching for someone's thought.

3 - Social Networks are being replaced by messaging apps

Messaging apps and tools like Slack show that people favour direct CONVERSATION.

4 - Conversation = accessing to someone's mind

Messaging apps is about private conversation. Slack is about group conversation. We have yet to build a public conversation platform (and I'm not talking about Twitter...)

5 - To make it possible, we'll cross the frontier of privacy

"Privacy is gone, I encourage people to get on the other side of the debate & not trying to hold on to values that are unsustainable in the face of the reality of technological changes" J.Assange

6 - Neuronal implants connected to the Internet are coming

Kurzweil predicts that in the 2030s, human brains will be able to connect to the cloud, allowing us to send emails and photos directly to the brain and to back up our thoughts and memories.

7- We can start building interfaces for this new area

and this is what I'm doing :-)

8 - I am leading a project called FORUM

Forum is a public conversation network that aim to unify search, messaging and social network in one unique experience. You can try it on Android (search for 'Forum Jak Tran')

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