Love: LGBT - Chapter Two
Love: LGBT - Chapter Two fiction stories

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Briana works as a hostess at a Philly restaurant. She is getting ready for work but can't help but to miss the love of her life boyfriend Trenton. The couple history has her worried.

Love: LGBT - Chapter Two

A few minutes into the cold morning, Briana was at home getting dress for work. Fresh out the shower, radio playing come thru by summer walker.

Briana was 29 years old, thick with light brown skin tone and dark brown dreadlocks. Briana always like the saying BBW which means beautiful black woman or women if used in plural terms.

Briana was alone in the house but she didn't live alone. She lived with her boyfriend Trenton who was a music producer in the music industry.

Briana hated when Trenton had to go away on business for weeks to even months at a time once in the blue.

Looking in the mirror fixing her hair into a ponytail, a picture of a much younger Briana and Trenton from high school class of '09 hung on the mirror.

Sometimes Briana would stare at that picture for hours when her and Trenton wasn't on good terms. Briana was wearing a black shirt with black jeans and shoes.

She barely wore makeup but wasn't the type of girl that needed it. She was a natural beauty most people would say. Briana headed downstairs as it was close to the time to leave for work.

she grabbed her jacket off the rack throwing it around her body putting one arm n one sleeve and the other one in another.

she zipped up her jacket and picked up her purse checking for her house keys inside of it until she heard them jiggling inside.

She opened the door and set the alarm on the wall of the house and walked outside closing the door behind her.

Briana and Trenton lived in Kensington area and it was nothing but crack heads and drug dealers around.

She was use to the area so it didn't phase her when she saw needles on the ground, crack heads doing drugs on the street and them bending forward from being high as a kite.

She didn't know how to drive and she asked Trenton to teach her how to numerous times but he always seem to not have the time to teach her.

She walked a few blocks to the bus stop, a couple of cars honked at her while driving by. a few people waiting for the bus as well when she approach the bus stop.

While waiting Briana pulls out her phone and decides to call Trenton. The phone rang a few times and Briana thought he wouldn't answer until he finally picked up.

"hey babe, how you doing?" "Okay, I guess; I'm on my way to work right now, I would be better if you were home but I know that's no time soon....

How long are you out of town for again?" she said with a bit of sadness. "Just a few weeks, but if things go smooth here at the studio I'll be back soon as possible.

You must be missing me, huh?" he questioned. "You know I'm missing you, but how is your mom doing? she replied. "What, you haven't spoken to her lately? That's very shocking."

"Why is that shocking?" she chuckled.

Sitting up in his chair; "Because out of all the girls I've dated she likes you the most. And you two talk almost everyday!" he said while filling out papers.

Briana was looking down the street to see if she saw the bus coming; The bus was at a distance. "Well you know mother knows best...

But I have been really busy preparing to go back to school and I been picking up hours at work since Gregory haven't been showing up to work lately,

So I haven't had time to chit-chat besides with you when I can." she said with a sigh. "Yeah I know, I understand and I am very happy for you that you going back to school.

And you still hanging with that faggot Gregory? you crazy!" he said with disgust while shaking his head.

A few people walked into the studio laughing and talking, Trenton looked around looking at the group of people coming into the studio. he turned back around facing his computer screen.

"But look babe, I got to get back to work I will call you later as soon as I am finished here, okay? I love you. he said rushing off the phone. "I

" she said sadly as he hang up before she could get the words out. Putting her phone away into her purse, she waited for the bus as it was pulling up.

Walking up to the bus she waited for everyone to get on, she paid the fare and sat down.

looking out the bus window she couldn't help to think how much she miss Trenton and couldn't help to think of the past mistakes of Trenton she was harboring from their past.

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