Opposites Attract | got7 + blackpink | chapter one
Opposites Attract | got7 + blackpink | chapter one got7 stories
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jaeesoul GOT7 , Ahgases
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Jinyoung never believed in true love or relationships, He was the handsome mysterious playboy that no one could resist, no one could break his walls, no one knew his true self till Jisoo and her best friend Mark appeared.

Opposites Attract | got7 + blackpink | chapter one



" Jisoo shouted at Jinyoung as she forced him to sit in the nursery bed, his hand still in hers, she didn't know why she was mad, why she was too worried about him, but she hated seeing him hurt.

'Do I care? what?no?, I was just...what the hell is wrong with me?' she thought.

She left his hand as she looked around for cream and a bandage, once she found them, she hurried back to him did his hand carefully. She then took a breath and looked at him.

She wishes she hadn't done that. He looked so angelic from close, their eyes locked and Jisoo could swear that her heart was about to explode from the intense stare.

She didn't why his eyes showed sadness, loss, pain, hurt, surprise, not the same playful look he always showed. She felt guilty for shouting at him, so she spoke.

"Look I... I didn't mean shouting at you, I was just mad and worried, i-i am sorry," she said as he looked at her with a frown.

"Why?.... don't we hate each other?... don't act as your care.." He said coldly before leaving her dumbfounded.

After minutes Jisoo sighed before getting up, she noticed Jinyoung's phone on the bed, she took it before leaving the infirmary and going to her professor's office.

She entered, but neither the professor nor Jinyoung was there.

'Of course, the cool playboy won't come to be punished' Jisoo thought to roll her eyes as she sat down.

1 hour later, her professor came into his office and sat on his chair. She stood up and bowed to him.

"I'm so sorry for today's incidence," Jisoo apologized.

"It's okay Jisoo but you have to face the consequences sequences along with Jinyoung, clean the lab and do a report together about a topic that I will send you today within three days,

" Her professor said and Jisoo wanted to scream.

"Y-yes, sir," Jisoo said with a bow as she left his office.

Jisoo went to the lab and cleaned it by herself. She thought at least he would help her when he caused that mess.

She felt tired, so she took a seat on one of the chairs, she sighed as she sat down putting her head on the table and slept.

Jisoo was awakened by her phone's ringing. She rubbed her eyes to adjust the lab's lightning. She yawned as she stood up.

A jacket fell from around her shoulders, she looked around but found no one was there,

she sighed for the millionth time before leaving so she wasn't in the mood for going to any class so she went for skateboarding to clear her mind.


Jinyoung was harsh to Jisoo, but he freaked out when his heart sped up again, when he caught his eye always glancing at her,

he was so afraid from the fire and warmth he felt when he touched her, the way she cared was too scary for Jinyoung, he was afraid of himself more than her.

He went to the professor's office late and was met by his angry professor, who scolded him and told him about his punishment.

He went to the lab, but no one was there except a sleeping beauty, Jisoo's messy reddish-brown hair with the slightly opened mouth was beautiful, he smiled staring at her,

he took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders before taking her favorite book from his backpack and started reading it, glancing at her from time to time.

2 hours later, she was still asleep and he didn't wake her up so he left her there.


"Jaebum Hyung, can you be my partner!? I mean if you don't mind" Youngjae said looking at him hopefully, Jaebum looked surprised but nodded, nonetheless.

"No, it's an honor to be your partner Youngjae-ah" he replied ruffling his hair, Youngjae smiled at him as he fixed his hair.

"Really?! Thank you, Hyung,".

Jaebum felt so happy with Youngjae's offer of being his partner, he was always alone, no one wanted to be his friends or mate with him in group projects,

they found him intimidating and weird since he was a dropout. Being Youngjae's lab partner, project partner and having him sit always beside him was a great thing to Jaebum.

Doing almost everything together made him feel less lonely, He always felt that Jinyoung's friends were forced to befriend him but when he was with Youngjae, it wasn't the case.

Youngjae got comfortable with him, he listened to whatever bullshit he said or ever questioned his sudden silence,

Youngjae's smile was enough to make him believe there was something good in the world.

"Jaebum, there's a coffee shop near the campus, Wanna join me?

" Youngjae asked waking Jaebum from his thoughts, Jaebum looked at him to see Youngjae smiling at him with his sunshine smile and he couldn't help but smile back.

"Of course, Youngjae-ah,".

They walked together to the coffee shop, they sat in a corner, Jaebum ordered a caramel macchiato and Youngjae ordered caramel latte.

They kept talking to find out they had too much in common, like music, singing, dancing, gamers.

A guy with snapback appeared shouting, making them startled "OMG IS THAT YOU CHOI YOUNGJAE?!"

"JACKSON WANG?" Youngjae shouted as Jackson threw himself in Youngjae hugging him tightly.


"I MISS YOU TOO!" Youngjae replied as loud as Jackson.

They kept talking in English, Jaebum felt his blood boiling, and he always got jealous over his friends. He didn't like the fact of sharing his friends but always try to hide it.

Youngjae noticed Jaebum's silence, so he spoke up to break the ice.

"Oh, Jaebum this Jackson one of my best friends," Youngjae said pointing at Jackson

"Jackson Wang," Jackson said, offering his hand for a handshake.

"I'm Jaebum,"

Well, everything was perfect for Jaebum till that wild and sexy wang came and ruined their hangout.

Youngjae was laughing and talking happily to him making Jaebum feel like he was left out, he felt so insecure about his friendship with Youngjae, he wasn't cool like Jackson or funny like him,

Jaebum wondered if Youngjae even wanted to be his friend and be stuck with someone boring and weird like him.

Jaebum felt like he was being suffocated, he felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave as he couldn't take it anymore.

"Youngjae, I'm kind of tired, I'm going to head back to the dorm, it was nice to meet you, Jackson," Jaebum said as he got up and left hurriedly.

He felt that he left sulking like a mad child, ignoring Youngjae and Jackson, but he couldn't help it. He felt a hand on his shoulder, so he turned to see Youngjae panting with messy hair.

"Yeah, I was calling you, why didn't you stop?!"

"Ugh...I spaced out...Why aren't you with Jackson?"

"We will meet later, he is in our university, anyway,"

"Oh...you didn't need to follow me and leave him," Jaebum said coldly, making Youngjae frown.

"What? I was hanging out with you, why would I stay with him?"

" Because he is your friend and you need not force yourself into being stuck with me!" Jaebum yelled at him making Youngjae shocked then leaving him.


Mark opened his door, he found Jinyoung staring at the window of their room. He closed the door, Jinyoung seemed to notice his presence as he turned to look at him.

Mark dropped his wallet and phone on the table then put his hand in his pocket to take out Jinyoung's phone, which he took by force by Jisoo.

He walked closer to Jinyoung as he handed him the phone and the Jacket.

"Oh you left your phone in the infirmary," Mark said then looked at his hand and said, "Do you feel better?"

"I told you to mind your business" Jinyoung said harshly as he snatched his things from Mark's hand making him mad.

"I told you to stay away from Jisoo!"

"Then tell her to stay away from me!" Jinyoung yelled at him then left the room.

'What's wrong with that guy, seriously' Mark thought as he threw himself on his bed.


Jisoo was so happy to get the roof's key from Rose after two hours of convincing her she would take care of the roof and wouldn't do anything stupid.

She went upstairs happily as she swung the keys in her hands. She had so many plans to renovate the roof.

Since she enjoyed having breakfast with her housemates, she thought hanging out int the roof would be perfect.

Once she opened the roof's door her happiness turned into a pure horror at what she saw. Her breath hitched seeing Jinyoung standing on the edge.

She thought he would jump, and she didn't know what to do, she went quietly to him, he didn't seem to notice his presence, he pulled him from behind than calling him and startling him.

Once she reached him, she pulled him backward. Jinyoung turned in surprise, falling on someone. They groaned as they both touched the floor from the hard impact.

Jinyoung looked down to realize that he was in the top of Jisoo who her eyes were wide and cheeks were red and Jinyoung pushed the thought of her being cute to the back of his head.

"Are you insane?! What the hell?!" Jisoo yelled at him.

"Look, who is thinking she is sane?! You are the one who pushed me!" Jinyoung argued.


"I wasn't! I was just thinking about stuff!"

"Who thinks on the edge?! you could have fallen Jinyoung!"

"I would love being dead so whenever you see me like that, leave me alone," Jinyoung said making Jisoo silent, he could see her questioning look and her threatening tears.

Jinyoung eyes softened a little, he was still on top of her, their faces were still close. Jisoo turned his face to hide her tears.

"S-sorry and thank you for today," Jinyoung said in a low voice, she nodded still not looking at him sulking.

"You look pretty from here, want to have fun?" Jinyoung said in a playful way making her turn to him glaring. she pushed him off her blushing.


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