A love letter to myself, in rather plain words.
A love letter to myself,  in rather plain words.  self stories

jadiebutterfly Always the truth 🦋
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Dear self ❤️

A love letter to myself, in rather plain words.

I make myself another cup of coffee, I never used to like adding sugar, but nowadays it helps to sweeten my senses, my day, just a little.

I write myself another entry, I never used to like reflecting on personal thoughts that brooded over what ifs and could bes, facing my fears and inner conflicts.

But nowadays it helps to braven my heart a little, ironing out the folded and wrinkled corners of my world the size of a little box.

I spread out my flaking yoga mat. I never used to like exercising, drenching myself in perspiration, experiencing muscle soreness , being in agony.

But nowadays it relieves me, opens up the spheres of rubber back bends and archy forward folds, journeys me to a curious galaxy from sustaining in a deceivingly easy, inverted position.

I want to write myself a fancy romantic letter, sweep myself off my own feet, be my own Prince Charming. Nowadays I find myself wishing upon the moon, illuminating myself just , a tiny hope.

I realise my own transformation, my quiet growth, that I will always be a work in progress, from all these writings.

I realise my love is blazingly beautiful. Albeit simple, and easily captured by writing in these commaful square slides.

I realise my self-love can be crystallised in the form of words essentially, fairly mundanely, but always, always, Axiomatically.

jadiebutterfly Always the truth 🦋

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