The Wand and The Girl (Chapter One)
The Wand and The Girl (Chapter One) #jade stories

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The Wand and The Girl (Chapter One)

"I tell ya, it's suspicious, ain't it? Nobody could've killed Potter except Voldemort. Ya think he's alive?" Tom Jr. said to Jade, flipping a page of The Daily Prophet.

Jade was a girl with green eyes, black hair, and was very petite. She was eleven years old and she was going into Hogwarts for the first time.

"No, if he's dead, he'll be killing. And besides, wouldn't the hall of prophecy have something to do with it?" she said, looking outside.

"Yeah, but if he's alive, he'd stay silent for a while." Tom Jr. said, looking at her.

"Well," said a voice behind her, it was her mother! "I got your supplies from the shops and here is your money bag. Now, I think you have to go to Olivander's by yourself.

It's astonishing he's still alive..."

She went off into a daydream. Jade waved goodbye to Tom, took her money bag and walked to Diagon Alley.

She closed the door to Olivander's and looked around. Wands were stacked everywhere and a man was in the corner. Wait, that man was Mr. Olivander!

"You remind me of your mother," he said, going over to a stack of wands, "Her wand was dragon heartstring and aspen. Perfect for Dueling and Household spells. Your father was apple and unicorn hair. It was exceptional for Charms and Transfiguration."

Olivander took a wand out of a box and said, "Here, walnut and heartstring. Give it a wave."

Jade took the wand and waved it rather foolishly, but then Olivander took it and gave her another wand. "Phoenix feather and Fir, an unusual combination."

After a while, they went through several wands. Jade noticed that the more wands they went through, the more Olivander got more scared.

"Well, it seems I only have one wand left. It is extremely rare." Olivander said after a while. He came out with a wand, "This is Phoenix feather with Elder."

Jade knew this was the second elder wand after the Hallow. She looked at it in curiosity and picked it up.

At once, she felt a warmth and sparks flew around her. Olivander simply said, "Have that for free, it is too expensive and it shall be the fate of us all."

And she left, questioning why the wand chose her.

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