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Warning! This is for 16+
A story about a killer


Warning! This is for 16+

Sophie had red hair, green eyes, and when she walked, she glided like an angel. She was not an angel however, she was a cruel woman.

Each morning, she went down to her basement and counted her stacks of money. She would then choose the thickest one and give it to a man who would give her a child.

When she got the child, she would beat it until it was bruised and scarred. She enjoyed watching it beg for mercy and she wouldn't even give a small impulse of mercy to them.

One day, the man gave her a child who was no older than three. She was knocked out, shivering. "We bought this brat somewhere in Japan. You better do a good job with her."

"I will." Sophie said, taking the child and walking to her house.

The moment she was there, she tied the child to a chair and took out her supplies. She took a thin scalpel with a sharp blade and prodded the child awake.

Before she could process anything, she plunged the scalpel into her throat, laughing as blood soaked her shirt.


The next thing she knew, Sophie felt a bullet go through her chest and clutched it tightly. The police ran into the house, before putting her in handcuffs.

She was stronger and before she knew it, their bodies lay around her.

She stabbed the little girl one last time before taking the scalpel and plunged it into her heart.

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