Knowledge and wisdom with a side of tomatoes
Knowledge and wisdom with a side of tomatoes tomato stories

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Tomatoes and knowledge with a k.

Knowledge and wisdom with a side of tomatoes

Someone intelligent once said "there's a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are a fruit, and wisdom is knowing not to put them in a fruit salad".

I appreciate this quote a ton. I always think it's funny when I hear someone trying to correct someone else, and it turns out they're actually wrong.

I was sitting on the bus a while back, overhearing a conversation. This kid says "that's not how you spell knowledge idiot. It's not with a "k", stupid".

I already thought it was hilarious that knowledge itself is knowing things. Here this person is, trying to convince someone that knowledge isn't spelled the way it is.

The situation was extremely ironic. He goes on to say that you don't say knowledge and emphasize the "k", and I instantly wondered how he spells knife.

Back to the tomatoes, would you try them in a fruit salad? Or do you leave that to the unwise?

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