Midnight Thoughts part 1

       Midnight Thoughts part 1 deep thoughts stories

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Some thoughts I had late at night 😜
Also, can we get some appreciation for the teen moms out there who are doing their best despite circumstances?

Midnight Thoughts part 1

As I sit and listen to the pouring rain, I have but one thing on my mind. Things are ever-changing. Life is a constant flow down a growing stream bed. Rocks shift, plants grow, dirt travels.

I realize we are the same. Feelings shift, personalities grow, we travel. I was certain about my future but now I'm unsure. I wanted to be well paid and highly educated.

Ivy leagues were in reach. Everything was planned meticulously. Now, I don't know where I stand. One choice leads to an entirely different destination. Where do I want to go? I want happiness.

What are my priorities? Myself, my family? How am I supposed to choose? I want a child. With who, at what time? I want to move out. To where for how much? I want a good education.

For how long, how much am I willing to pay? How am I supposed to answer these questions? Questions I should already have considered.

Do I want to give my life away to debt and despair? Do I dare wish to be held in the arms of someone that loves me-someone I love? When does life decide how I will prosper, how I will suffer?

As I sit and listen to the silence, I have but one thing on my mind. I decide everything. My choices, my consequences. My gains, my losses. I decide who to keep and who to push away.

I let the silence absorb me. I want to get to know it before it's gone. Right now, it's time to live. Let the worrying come in due time.

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