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Part 1-Alisha doesn't know what's actually going on quite yet...


Looking out the window from 142 Westborough Avenue, it was easy to tell...Alisha woke up to a beautiful world.

As she yawned and stretched, birds flew about, singing happy songs that signaled peace and joy. She already knew it was going to be a good day.

From her upstairs bedroom, she could smell a wonderful scent wafting up from the kitchen. Alisha got out of bed and walked over to her mirror.

As she looked, she thought about how lucky she was to have such a perfect facial structure.

No one could deny how ideal her features were- blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could light up all of downtown. Creeping down the stairs, Alisha grew closer to the incredible smell.

When she arrived in the kitchen, she sat down and began to eat. It was nothing but her favorite, pancakes with a mixed berry sauce.

She remembers how she loved this food as a child, begging for it at any chance she got.

While she didn't have a ton of friends or an extensive social life, she always knew she count on the few people she chose to surround herself with.

Wesley lived next door and seemed to always hang around. He and Alisha had known each other for many years, and they never failed to entertain each other.

Pulling out her phone, she saw she had two unread messages from him. Rolling her eyes, she quickly slipped on some slippers and ran next door.

Because of the nature of their friendship, she didn't even bother to knock. Running inside, she asked Wesley what the emergency was.

Due to the fact he was smiling as he climbed down from his loft, she ceased worrying.

"Wes, you really had me stressed out there! Sending two texts in a row both saying "911, get here quick!!!" was in no way the right thing to do.

What did you need anyway?" Just as she said that Wesley gestured her over to some covered mound in the middle of his dining table.

"Care to explain what the heck that is?" Then she heard it-small whining sounds and an unmistakable odor. Just as she whisked off the cover, one small puppy leaped at her.

"Awww, what's this for? I thought you had a strict no pets rule", Alisha was quite confused at the adorable furball currently attacking her with its nose. Then she noticed.

A paper to the left of the box with two words written in colorful markers. Bringing her palm to her forehead, she laughed, "I can't believe I forgot my own birthday.

I feel so stupid now!" Picking up the puppy, she hugged Wesley. Realizing she had to get to work, she left him with a thank you and goodbye.

As Alisha walked back to her quaint home, she thought about how incredibly lucky she was to have someone looking after her. With that start to her day, things could only improve.

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