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Intro: Bombs, gun fire, and magical explosions polluted the air of New Venice as well as the all too familiar atomized air from solders working magic and the stench gunpowder,

Cosmic Moth


Bombs, gun fire, and magical explosions polluted the air of New Venice as well as the all too familiar atomized air from solders working magic and the stench gunpowder,

Jayces' senses were all very much alert as he descended onto the front lines. Bullets and various types of magic projectiles that were clearly aimed for him simply passed on through his body.

Which at the moment was not unlike that of the great gas and dust clouds of the cosmos.

Every particle of his dust form refracting light forming beautiful rainbows in the plume it's self and any surface close in proximity.

As the first of wondrous cloud of dust touched the ground between two soldiers, both firing a pistol with one hand and tossing various spells with the other,

the first of the dust cloud touched down. It instantly started to swirl in on it's self taking the shape of a boot, then another, as more of the plume condensed a body started to take shape.

Clad in robes that also refracted light in the same way as the previous display of power had but had a very unique pattern in both cut and print,

very similar to that of a moths or butterflies print. The last of the cloud trailed into the top of the form, solidifying into a hooded head.

For a moment the figure stood perfectly still, statuesque with it's head slightly bowed.

"Ah, Moth Priest Jayce, we thought you'd forgotten about us!" One of the female soldiers exclaimed over the boom of a grenade nearby. "I'd never...

" Jayce replied as he raised his hooded head revealing his chin and lips. His skin pale but has the same refractant effect of his magic and robes.

His lips a subtle pink and the tip of his nose displaying a slight shine. That and a bit of his neck was all that was visible while he was hooded.

Without a chant or any alchemic ingredients or potions Jayce erected a barrier around the troop he was stationed with by simply raising both arms up palms out.

As soon as his fingers were fully extended a plume of what seemed like the very same dust cloud that he materialized from shot out of each hand.

The dust flew up at the angle Jayce had his arms pointed then scattered in a large dome around the full area his squad fought from.

As soon as the dust dome was formed that beautiful refractant quality went totally transparent.

In a matter of seconds bullets started ricocheting off the barrier and spells of any school would dissolve as soon as coming into contact with the invisible force.

Being that this battle was taking place in the countryside of New Venice Jayce didn't worry himself with where the ricocheted bullets were flying.

His first priority taken care of by covering his squad he now moved on to his second, tending to any wounded.

"Where are the wounded?" He asked no one in-particular, but that same voice that greeted him on arrival replied in a hurried, "Over here!"

The female solider pointed into a burrow that was clearly made by earth magic. She followed Jayce in and sealed the door, "So your the one that covered our wounded til I could get here then.

" Jayce said as he pointed out her display of earth magic to seal the entrance. A polite and worried nod was her only response.

"Not to worry, I'm here now, as Medical Officer I'll make sure all of us get out of this in one piece." Jayce attempted to console the young solider but clearly she needed actions not words.

"Right, so this is everyone that's been injured?" Jayce said as he took in every bit of the sensory information the burrow had to offer him.

From the obvious scent of earth and infection to the slight moans of pain coming and from the injured.

Just as before there was no chant or special gestures, Jayce simply raised his arms at the elbow with his palms up.

An instant later a tiny dust cloud swirled in each hand, but there was something different about this display of magic from his earlier feats.

Instead of the dust clouds shooting out to his target the dust swirled in on it's self in each hand. Something was solidifying in his hands, the solider thought she seen butterfly wings.

Then the supposed butterflies gracefully took flight in either direction around the spherical burrow,

a few short seconds later another pair of them took off and repeated until there was one hovering over each of the wounded.

All were displaying that same refractant quality and oddly, the same print design that Jayce adorned on his robes..

As the butterflies fluttered about the room they started sifting dust from their wings what slowly fell to the injured below.

"Butterflies?" The female solider asked bewildered at the sight before her. As the refractant dust fell on wounds she could see that those wounds were instantly starting to close.

A slight laugh left Jayce as he said, "Moths actually, hence why I'm called the Moth Priest." The soldier still confused continued questioning with, "Moths...

Don't you think it's a bit wasteful to show off in such a way given our current situation?" Her face was red with clear frustration her assumption had caused her.

Jayce paused for a moment, debating on whether or not he should divulge his reasoning.

He glanced around the hovel once again noting her skill on being able to construct such a sturdy structure, that from the outside one wouldn't spot as anything but a mound or tiny hill.

Jayce never faced her since entering the burrow but upon choosing to appease the young soldier, as he knew her frustration was from a place of strategy and concern, he turned to face her.

The lighting was worse in here than outside, except for the light his magics were producing at the moment.

But when he met the soldiers gaze he could tell his appearance had struck her in awe for a brief moment.

For that same refracted light quality his robes, magic, and skin has are nothing compared to the beauty that his eyes possessed.

Not only did they seem to refract that same rainbow like light but they also seemed to produce a faint light within themselves. Jayce broke her awe when he began to answer her concerns.

"Well as you know working magic one has to have the goal or result they're wanting from said magic clear in the front of ones thoughts right?

So I could of focused on one of the injured at a time, addressing each of their unique situations. Or I could make my foremost thought be of these Moth.

Who can sense more on a spectrum beyond human capability, and each able to make decisions based on that.

" Silence fell throughout the burrow as every one of the injured were now healed and all stared at the Moth Priest.

The female soldier broke the silence with a salute of respect to Jayce, her boots clapped together as she did so.

"Well now that we've settled that lets get back out there and show these bastards why they shouldn't of ever spilled the blood of our countrymen!!!"

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