Fortunate Failures
Fortunate Failures feelings stories

jackelyncamp Community member
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Life is hard while death seems like a resolute.

Fortunate Failures

I choose to keep failing at both life and death

As I strive for a clean, unified mind, I find my existence torn

Torn between love for my family and hatred for myself

So I whisper to Death and he is full of resolution

My mind strives to convince my heart:

Death is my friend, Death is my resolution

I cling to my bottle of death and shrink to the floor

As I linger on the cold tile, time drags on with no finality

And so I pray, for an ending, maybe a new beginning

Perhaps it is undeserving but I reach out for a shimmer of hope

I cling to the possibility that I can choose better

Drained and tear stained I drag my heavy body off the floor

As I look at myself in the mirror I can taste it

Taste the hatred and self loathing I feel

And in that moment I know that I will continue

Continue to choose to fail at both life and death

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