My Worst Nightmare...
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izzyb can you hear a hormone?
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Fears. Everyone has them, whether it's being claustrophobic or being afraid of clowns.

My Worst Nightmare...


Everyone has them, whether it's being claustrophobic or being afraid of clowns.

For me, I could be totally fine

But once I close my eyes,

That's when I'm haunted by my fears and demons.

One of my biggest fears that occurs in my nightmares is about me being in a big, dark, and scary room.

I start to gain consciousness

I feel useless as the table grabs me and never let's me go; I'm trapped.

I stop budging after a while.

I can't move and I could barely breathe

It's so cold in the room

I can see my breathes when I exhale

I can feel the cold sweat dripping off my head It's as if I just got out of a pool

When my eyes start to open a little bit more I only see a bright light

Everything is still a little blurry

As I look around I also see a big, tall, scary man

He's wearing a white lab coat; I can't see his face

He's wearing a black mask and a black hat with black gloves

I think he's wearing a shirt with a snake on it

In big words, it says:


As he's walking towards me, I start to cry

Then, I see a piece of metal in his hand

I'm not quite sure what it is

When he steps into the light, I see it

It glares at me as he's walking towards me

When he is an inch away from me, he says:

"Any last words?"

All of a sudden, I stop crying

I remember how I got here

My family was in trouble, a group of bad guys were about to kill all of my loved ones

All because the group wanted me

I said that I'd go with them but they'd have to let my family go

They agreed and they took me and put me in a van

On the way to were ever they were taking me, they sedated me

Right before I fell asleep, I heard one man say:

"Do you really think that her blood could save us all?"

Then I fell asleep and woke up here

I finally remember!

So, I said:

" I'd rather it be me than my family"

As he inserted the syringe into my arm he said:

" You'll never wake up; ever again"

As I was losing consciousness again, I saw the man laughing while walking away

Then I realized that my family will live the rest of their lives in peace which I was very happy about but...

I will die alone and the last voice that I will ever here is the sound of a stranger who is going to use my blood and sell my parts.

I say to myself " Good night; forever".

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