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Have you ever? mixed emotions stories

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You don't have to answer, just hear me out...

Have you ever?

Have you ever gotten in trouble but; you feel weird...

You feel angry at yourself, angry at whoever's yelling at you, and angry at the world but...

You also feel sad.

Sad about how you let your family down, how you weren't thinking straight, how you can't look at your loved ones face while their yelling at you.

I could go on and on about all of these mixed emotions but I'm not...

Instead, I'm going to tell you what also happens to me when I'm in trouble.

I become scared...

But not because I'm being yelled at but, because I know that when I'm by myself...

I'm not going to take it well.

When I get yelled at, I know why I'm being yelled at, I know that my family cares about me because they point out my wrong doings as well as my right doings.

After a while of all the arguements and disagreements, you start to notice what the person who is yelling at you is going to say.

After a while, you start to go numb.

You start to feel depressed...

But once you finally go up to someone and talk about it, they say that your reasons for feeling a certain way are because of something else.

It's hard to love someone but also be afraid of them.

To know that they are the sweetest, kindest, Most respectful person out there but; also know that they have the worst temper on earth.

So, let me ask you this...

Have you ever been confused about your feelings?

Have you ever been afraid of yourself more than you are of your deepest fears?

Have you ever loved someone so much but, you just don't understand things yet?

Have you ever?...

If your answer to some of these questions is yes than I have one more question for you...

In that one happy and clear moment when your by yourself, What do you use as your escape mechanism?

( Please leave a comment for your answer )

There are so many questions but not enough answers...

What is/are your answers?

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