Why is life hard?

izzy04Community member
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"Remember who you are."- Lion King

Why is life hard?

by izzy04

My dad left before I was born. I never even met him.

He missed his "family." And now I'm older sometimes I break.

My mom always had to be the one that was there for me.

She still is. And hopefully she always will be.

I will always have a missing part because of him.

I'll be okay though.

Now I have a girlfriend. I'm bi. And I'm not afraid.

I'm not afraid to admit it.

I love her and she loves me. Even though we're far apart.

Things may get hard, but I know if I have her I'll be okay.

Things may get hard...but just know everything happens for a


Life wants to teach us lessons. And sometimes they are...

Really hard..

We just got to...work hard.

And never give up or turn your back on the world.

And always remember who you are.

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