The sky dancer

izal5416save me
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a story of a girl who found herself in the sky. she could walk and dance through the air yet had never had any companionship. she danced, waiting for someone to come and talk to her, she danced, waiting to die. she danced, endlessly, knowing nothing.

The sky dancer

by izal5416

she woke

looked around, stepped out

there was nothing

yet she walked

the sky was orange and gray

she ran

the sky was blue and yellow

she danced

not a single living soul

but her

only her

as she dances, dances, dances

through the air

through the sky



a sky filled with beauty

that she could not appreciate



waiting for the end

that won't come

that will never come

performing for an audience

that is not there

as she dances, dances, dances

leaps and spins

through the air

through the sky

the sky dancer

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