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In which a girl decides to let go of her fantasies even though they give her everything she wants.


by izal5416

when I first discovered you

I was amazed

You were perfection

You were so unreal

after a while I asked if you were only my imagination.

You were unreachable, untouchable

Like chasing the horizon

Or touching the clouds.

A fantasy.

I feel you must take everything and everyone for granted.

Those who give to all have nothing to give.

Those who receive from all have nothing to receive.

I am only one.

And you are infinity.

My fantasy,

my reality,

you have taught me

that you pretend to be both at once.

You are too good to be true,

which destroys the glass between belief and disbelief.

Fantasy, though you give more promise than any other,

you do not hold my hand the way reality does.

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