Early Morning
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Early Morning

I sit on my bed, staring dimly outside the window. The baby birds chirp louder by the second. I can imagine that they are communicating with each other, demanding Mama and Papa for food.

I can see why the Mama birds don’t mind pushing their birdlings off the edge of the nest so they can “learn to fly”. I find that funny.

I would honestly hope the little devil would fall and break its neck so it can die alone.

Watching it bleed out or however the hell baby birds look when they fall squarely on the ground, I would still feel satisfied because its dead.

I think about this for a while and I hear my phone ring. “Bring bring, motherfricker!”. It played that crazy declaration at least 5 times before I answered. Bluntly I said hello.

“Omgosh! Guess where I’m going!!” it was Diamond on the other line. My eyes widen and my mouth began to create a happy face slowly like a sloth.

Eventually, I was grinning and I laughed a little.

“Are you going to Japan???”, I said quickly.

“Um, no. I’m going to S-” the phone cut off leaving the ringing sound in my ear. My smile disappeared and I let out a little “uh oh” like the true clueless toddler I was inside.

I tried to call back, but it went straight to voicemail.

I laid back down and thought about where Diamond’s going. “S- what?” I asked myself.

I eventually have fallen asleep to the sound of the peculiar morning birds.

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