The Scenery

The Scenery 
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ivymiller Im short, just like my stories.
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As she watches the seasons change, she can only see how much she loves the scenery. He comes and brings gifts and tells stories, but in autumn he promises a special gift.

The Scenery

The scenery in the winter was lonely that I had only wished it to be autumn. Snow slowly falling from branches of the wide forest tree's.

Resting here was peaceful, during any type of season, its always quiet. Days go by as I watch the snow melt from the tree's and drain into the soil.

The season was beginning to change, winter was ending, and spring was about to begin. Saying goodbye to the cold embrace of the snow and hello to the blooming plants of spring.

The forest began to come back to life as birds chirped and other animals scavenged for food after a long winter.

I liked spring the most because during the spring He would come and tell stories and bring gifts. This happened every spring and would continue until winter.

I enjoyed his company; He was always kind and charming. He and I loved spring, we spent many days and nights together looking at the different kinds of flowers and animals we saw.

Though He didn't come everyday, so I spent those days looking at the clouds and making out different things that they looked like. But then, spring passed, and summer came making the surface of the ground hot.

Though it did not bother me I could barely feel it. He did not like the open spot where I was, so He stayed in the shade of the tree's nearly five feet away.

I don't know why but I never got sun burnt, not in the last few years. Summer was nice but the scenery was almost always the same, blue skies no clouds, day after day the same thing.

Then finally, leaves began to fall from the forest tree's and onto the ground making the season change from summer to autumn. Autumn was a very special season because He came everyday from the beginning of autumn to the end.

And everyday He came a gift came too. The gifts would change from flowers to jewelry and sometimes even money.

I liked the gifts He brought, though this year He said by the end of autumn He was going to bring a very special gift. I was so ecstatic that I could barely wait and only wished for the end of autumn to come.

Then suddenly the last day of autumn was here and I couldn't wait to see what He had brought. As it grew dark, I wondered how much longer it would take for the gift to arrive, but I continued to wait.

The night sky loomed over the forest and finally the gift He promised was here. With a loud and heavy thump, lifeless eyes stared into mine, the gift was a new friend!

The gift was indeed a very special one. And so, like planted seeds with only our faces showing, the six of us began to watch the senery change as the seasons go by.

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