The Memory Lingers
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ivoryannaliseLife beckons - remember to heed it.
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The memory of you lingers, cloaking me in utter darkness. You keep me stuck in the night, my heart froze on just one love.
A poem about a past love.

The Memory Lingers

by ivoryannalise

The moon is high above.

Its ivory glow watching over me as my silken tears fall.

You are just a shadow in the past.

Lingering in welcome darkness.

I reach for you,

Just to find dust in your wake.

You sealed my fate,

With a single kiss,

And now my heart is forever trapped,

Stuck between light and dark,

Day and night.

Always reaching for the dark side of the moon,

Just to be stuck in the light of the sun.

And my only wish,

Is to not share my one kiss,

With the light.

This poem was inspired by a song I have grown to love.

It is originally in Japanese, but a youtuber has made an English Dub. All rights reserved to Shadels (Shadowlink4321), and original copyright owners.

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