The Dynamic and The Dormant
The Dynamic and The Dormant future stories

ivoryannaliseWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
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The future is always dynamic, while the past is always dormant. Right? But which one is more important? Either? Neither? Both?

The Dynamic and The Dormant

by ivoryannalise

The future is always ahead of us,

So let's not make a fuss.

Everyone is always worried about what is ahead.

But what about what has been said?

The past is just as important.

Even though it may be dormant.

But that's what the future holds.

All of its dynamic folds.

The past will always be still.

And the future will always have the thrill.

So, its a brand new day,

With a whole new place away.

So enjoy the past,

And wait for future's blast.

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