The Currents of Cheer
The Currents of Cheer endless-water stories

ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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The ocean is a different thing for all of us. Some want to watch it either away, while others would spend their whole lives by it. And yet, it's still a constant that remains in each and everyone of our lives.

The Currents of Cheer

by ivoryannalise

The dark waves shimmer and shine,

Forever and ever on an endless horizon.

The swift undercurrents are gracefully divine,

Even if the tides are quickly rising.

The ivory moon hangs above,

The everlasting sea is always churning.

It can be as sad as a mourning dove,

And fill us with great yearning.

Or it can bring such joy and cheer,

That even the skies are gay.

So do not be glum, dear,

While we're in the ocean's great spray.

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