Smear #4 (The Smearing of the Nucleus)
Smear #4 (The Smearing of the Nucleus) smear stories

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This is a poem that was written for my science class. It was written in all fun and is not meant to offend anyone. Enjoy!

Smear #4 (The Smearing of the Nucleus)

by The Cell Wall

The nucleus of the cell,

Is nothing to dwell.

So let's drop a bombshell,

Because they're nothing swell.

We work all day,

While they run off and play.

They leave the cell in decay,

And give us no delay.

They boss all of us around,

Like we're little play clowns.

But's time we bring down,

The ones that caused these wounds.

They want us to forget,

So there is not debt.

But their petty little threats,

Will not cause us to sweat.

This was a poem that I made for a science project.

We are running an 'election' to see who the best organelle in the cell is. There are a few more to come. Hope you all enjoyed my silly rhymes.

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