Smear #2 (The Smearing of The Golgi Apparatus)
Smear #2 (The Smearing of The Golgi Apparatus) smearing stories

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This is a poem that was written for my science class. It was written in all fun and is not meant to offend anyone. Enjoy!

Smear #2 (The Smearing of The Golgi Apparatus)

by The Cell Wall

The Golgi body,

Is rather gaudy.

The factory you embody,

Even though the work is shoddy.

The Golgi apparatus,

Is only about social status.

The mailman they are,

But never a tsar.

Your proteins are dysfunctional,

And only fool the gullible.

And even the building blocks of life,

Have left you in a strife.

This was a poem that I made for a science project.

We are running an 'election' to see who the best organelle in the cell is. There are a few more to come. Hope you all enjoyed my silly rhymes.

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