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It is time for Fact #4! Ready to learn more about me??

My Barriers

by ivoryannalise

Alright! It is time for Fact #4!

This one's going to be a bit more personal than the last couple of ones, so bare with me.


I have a strong feeling that I have Social Anxiety.

I say this because I've never actually been diagnosed and probably never will be.

It's also not an overnight conclusion I've come to. Sometimes, it makes it so incredibly hard to interact with other humans.

The main thing I have the most trouble with is ordering food at restaurants - for some reason. Which is so weird. (I do have trouble with other things, as well.)

It's so simple - they're just doing their job - but I can't force my body to react properly.

So, that's something I struggle with on a daily basis.

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See you next time! -IAL

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