Hello World. This is Anna.
Hello World. This is Anna. stories

ivoryannaliseLife beckons - remember to heed it.
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Hello World! This is the story of me, myself, and I, and all you need to know about me!

Hello World. This is Anna.

by ivoryannalise

So, I have no idea what I am doing.

I thought I'd give this a shot, and tell you a little about me!

Ivory is the name!

But my nickname is Anna. I go by both, so feel free to call me either!

Books...Books All Around

I love reading them and writing them. Now I'm trying out this form of storytelling!

Boring Life Tis Me

I don't do much. Writing, reading, and creating artwork usually takes up most of my boring time.

My Write Life

Well, I usually take a long time to write. I've been working on one story for three years. This might help me move past my writer's block!

My Reader's Nook

I've established that I love books. A lot. Enough said.

Artwork galore!

My favorite mediums are oil pastel, pencil, and acyrlic paint. I utterly despise making still lifes. Even more if it's watercolor.

Cartoon Mayhem

Disney, anime, and other forms of cartoons bring me great joy. I guess I like storytelling in all forms.

So that's me!

You have seen me, and for now that's all that's left to say. I tip my hat to you. Goodbye, and good day.

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