Dusk, The Ever Cheerful
Dusk, The Ever Cheerful walking stories

ivoryannalise Happy Pride from this bisexual <3
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Twilight is my favorite time of day. It is so quiet and peaceful with just a touch of the darkness night is to bring. It can calm me like a parent to a child. But this day, everything about dusk was wrong.

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Dusk, The Ever Cheerful

by ivoryannalise

The crunch of gravel under my shoes, the smell of a crisp summer night in my lungs, and the cicadas roaring away overhead.

All the things that kept me grounded to this lonely earth.

The street lamps had just flickered on, illuminating the distant flicker of lightning bugs.

Everything was silent except for the far-off bark of companion dogs.

As hard as it tried, not even this beautiful twilight could lift my downtrodden spirit.

I continued down the road, sulkily kicking a pine cone from my path.

The evening was warm, too warm for my chilly emotions.

Before I knew it, the sun had sunken beneath the horizon. It was just another cheery thing to leave me alone to the darkness.

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