Am I seeing double?!
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ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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Fact #5 has finally arrived! What could it be??

Am I seeing double?!

by ivoryannalise

So my 5th fact is more physical than all the rest.

And here it is...

I have a twin.

Yup, there are two of me in the world!

Though we look similar, and our personality types are close, we are very different.

She's a tiny bit more outgoing than me. She has way more artist ability. She 'claims' my writing is better. (I don't believe her.)

Being born with a twin is like being born with your best friend and your worst enemy.

Except its one human being. XD

I'm so thankful that we were so close growing up. (Our longest time away from each other is 9 days!)

So, remember if you want to join in tag your story #onefact OR tag @kaylynn in your comments!

See you all next time! -IAL

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