A Water's Solace
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ivoryannalise Happy Pride from this bisexual <3
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The water is forgiving. It is kind and soft, like a mother to a child.
But when one enters it with harsh intentions, you only find its bleak side.

A Water's Solace

by ivoryannalise

The water cascades down my spine. It’s freezing in its cold fury.

My feet thump against the stones, mocking the screams of the past.

Hurry! Faster!

They won’t own me. Not this night or another.

My legs launch me forward.


Nothing but the beats of my heart. The thumping of silence in my ears.

Far above is the sound of waves crashing on a rocky shore.

The water is churning, raging at me for taking this plunge.

It batters me against debris, shoving its fury under my skin.

Driftwood and logs are thrown at me.

Take it, it screams. Take it and swim!

I let the life rafts float past. My hands grasp at nothing.

The water must sense my despair.

Its protests become muted. The currents slow.

There’s no hope for a bloated corpse.

It gives in to my demands, pouring down my throat in a frenzied rush.

Blinding pain. Then eerie peace.

The end is like the bottom of the ocean.

Silence and darkness.

In life, there is joy and sorrow. The experiences of the world we hold dear.

In death, there is only the suffocating quiet of eternity.

The water holds no solace for those willing to plunge.

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