The Most Romantic Story (of all romance stories)

ivoryCommunity member
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The most romantic story!

The Most Romantic Story (of all romance stories)

T'was the night after prom and Sue was lonely

But Mark asked her!

So she was happy. And I think they kissed at prom.

The End.

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ivoryCommunity member
a month ago
I farted.
I'm not too old for these types of jokes.

cjhaleBronze CommaTeen Charlotte Hale, call me Charlie.
7 months ago
Bloody Knuckles.

a year ago
A gay poem about my favorite season

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a month agoReply
Short, sweet, and to the point. Great job!!!!!

ivoryannaliseCommabassadorWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
a month agoReply
This was really cute! It doesn't have to be long to make an impact! 😆 Keep up the great work!