The best friends diss with Musical Mutt
The best friends diss with Musical Mutt aaakazkzdkxkxe stories

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spoliers: musical mutt fucking cussed at me lol

The best friends diss with Musical Mutt

The real is me and the white is Mutt

Pictures don't show? Well I can copy and paste everything here.

Mutt: We should do one of those rhyming things

Me: We should try it

Mutt: Haha we'll never quit

Me: This is so legit

Mutt: gIt rEaL

Me: We have a deal

Mutt: bUy a hAppY mEaL

Me: No I just bought a seal

Mutt: What's he gonna steal

Me: Fifthy cans of paint and they're all the color teal

Mutt: And that'll make him squeal

Mutt: We should srsly post this

Me: And call it the Best Friends Diss

Mutt: So just back off haters

Me: And we will see ya laters

Me: They're a buncha traitors

Mutt: Even Google translaters

Me: yo mutt I gotta go

Mutt: See ya later bro

Me: We love with all our heart

Mutt: And we'll never be apart

Me: so now this is the end

Mutt: goodbye friend

and then she spammed cuss words at me so i am just gonna end this rn

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