His Cotton Candy Part 9
His Cotton Candy Part 9 bts ff stories

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He's found it.

His Cotton Candy Part 9

I yawned as I started to walk out the front doors of the school. Now there was more sounds of people than of the natural factors of earth. I checked my phone as the sky got darker. I looked up the weather just as rain trickled on top of me. I sighed and reached in my bag to find my umbrella. Wait

I hadn’t brought it- I facepalmed myself as it started to rain harder. Great. So now even the weather matched my mood! I hadn’t seen Cotton Candy since earlier, and now I was wishing I had at least invited him to study with me if I didn’t do anything else.

I let out a frustrated sigh as I looked around for somewhere to stand under so I could at least be partially dry when I got home. I hit myself in the head for the ten millionth time today. I started to just give up as I stood there face turned to the sky with my eyes closed.

I started to zone out, focusing on the rain falling on my face when I felt something stop the rain and an arm around my soaked body. I recognized the feel of the arm immediately. I opened my eyes slowly as something else dawned on me.

My heart was racing as fast as a wolf running through the forest as I look at this beautiful man in front of me. He smells like all of my favorite things. I would recognize his scent in the middle of a city. I had found him..

I had found it. The bond stronger than the will of life. Only shared between two people.

No matter the race or status. I found my mating bond... And my mate along with it. I turned and looked up locking eyes with Cotton Candy

"Took you long enough."


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