the Grand Test
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Why you're essentially stuck in a container.

the Grand Test

Personally, I believe, with conviction so powerful on par with faith and reason; that we were put here to endure. That our bodies are the means for us to endure.

A novel concept, and mystic one at that. Before man was the spirit. The spirit was morally androgynous. It did not bend to benevolence, it did not bend to capriciousness.

The spirit was something to be saved, but it could save itself.

It could not see the consequence of doing so and would only realize the necessity of having been when it has already been damned, too late to do anything then.

So we were put into mortal bodies. Bodies that ache, smell, rot, sag and differ. this the Grand Test, loved ones. humanity is the grand test.

We are but souls stuffed into our necessary correction. It is by our bodies do we learn and experience what we couldn't otherwise as souls.

By the limited view of the naked eye, do we finally see beyond damnation to save ourselves, knowing how temporary we are and how immortal we aren't.

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