An inspiring conversation
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ismailbagniedI see beauty everywhere I go
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A conversation between my current self and ideal self...

An inspiring conversation

Ideal self: C'mon, time for you to join the party

Current self: But I'm weak and pathetic

Ideal self: Don't say that, you don't know what you'll do next

Current self: I'll do what I've always done, which is nothing

Ideal self: No you won't, come let me show you who you really are

Ideal self: You almost never lie and you live for yourself not for other people's opinions

Ideal self: You couldn't care less about what people think of you

Ideal self: You're following your dreams and you might get there

Ideal self: You do your work and rarely procrastinate

Ideal self: You take care of yourself and others around you

Ideal self: I'm proud of you for doing your best to reach me

Current self: Maybe I will reach you, you're my idol after all

Ideal self: What are you waiting for?

Current self: I've always thought that some event will transform me into you, I guess I will join you now and merge into you

Ideal self: Yes! Free me from my prison and manifest me now into reality, thank you!

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