Strawberry Skies
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isbelkunRavenclaw. Storyteller. Living to die.
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Strawberry Skies

by isbelkun

What is a strawberry sky?

The description is in its name: strawberry red and beginning to fade.

Sometimes strawberry pink or cherry red. Beginning to lose its color and then . . .

Well, that's not what this story is about.

It's about a girl who learned to float, only to drown.

She shouldn't have gotten too close. The water was deadly - she should have known.

The water was dark, as were the clouds. A warning, perhaps.

She was dead before she could scream out. The water plunged her under, silencing her bubbling shouts.

Where did those rocks come from? She couldn't say. She struck her head, her body washed away.

Silent killers.

Her body washed away, and then it stopped - where she lay . . . No one really could say.

Some things are beautiful - but deadly. Like the multitude of colored stones hiding under the clear water.

Why strawberry skies?

Her family suffered under many strawberry skies, wondering . . .

Would she ever again, see the light of day?

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