This house I have built
This house I have built  love stories

isabellathenaEast Of Eden
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I let myself write a poem that rhymes, turns out it was a nice time.

This house I have built

by isabellathena

You have a pretty smile, don't let it fade.

Of course I won't, I'm getting paid.

This house I've built, it's not okay.

Painting the walls, does not help the sway.

She has a pretty smile, plus a nice attitude.

I am sorry I'm slacking, I only have one of two.

Throwing up to get out some of the dread.

Out of my stomach, out of my head?

I have died four times now.

With each curtain call, comes a smile and a bow.

The first time I swam, in the harsh ocean waves.

The salt burnt my skin, the sensation has stayed.

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