Midday Afternoon
Midday Afternoon cruelty stories

isabellathenaEast Of Eden
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I havent written anything in so long, it feels nice

Midday Afternoon

by isabellathena

Everyone fears the dark

But not the midday afternoon.

No hearts sink when the blue sky fades to a lighter shade.

When the wrinkles appear around everyones squinted eyes.

My stomach has always hated the midday afternoon.

Wasted the morning...not much time left to make anything of myself for the rest of the day.

What is there left to do? Waste the hours?

Driving through the streets, along with the homeless waiting for the evening traffic.

My mother takes her break in the midday afternoon.

She probably wonders if my brother is smoking weed in the living room, while no shadows shine through the windows.

I quit what was eating away at me.

What was causing me to go back to sleep although well rested.

I did not pay attention. I did not realize.

That there is nothing worse, then having time to spend in the midday afternoon.

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