The Lies I've Lived Through

   The Lies I've Lived Through love stories
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Hey so this is one of my other descripbtions for another book!

Please please please comment down below on what you think and check out my other book called, 'Im The Key To Heaven And Hell'.

*Here it is*:

Drawing a shaky breath I stared into his eyes and looked around me.

One Werewolf.

One Vampire.

One Zombie.

All of us chained ono the wall.

"Now now Huntress choose wisely. Stab you three times or stab each one of them once?" The King laughed as if this was a joke to him.

Whimpering I sniffled and looked around me once more.

These are the people who lied, hurt and faked there love to you.

What the hell am I going to do?

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The Lies I've Lived Through

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